Blood Red Stained Sweatshirt - Awareness Piece?

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=http://img.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/2014/09/kentstate-1024x670.jpg&w=480 Google News displays headlines of an Urban Outfitters clothing article being sold in poor taste. More surprising to me is the fact that I've never heard of the May 4 Massacre, where for 13 seconds during a student protest at Kent State, Ohio National Guardsmen fired 67 bullets at unarmed students. 13 students were shot leaving 9 wounded, 1 paralyzed and 4 of the 13 dead.
According to Wikipedia, 4 million students around the US went on strike following the National Guard shooting.


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Attention, attention... this post is about paying attention and what's new from insidethegod

OMG, Internet, how are you my old friend?

Okay.... I've been out of the loop (though still riding the spiral) for quite a minute here and since my last post here on my very first blog, as gifted to me by the world famous Google (you can start your own blog too and maybe even earn some passive income while the world reads... Start Your Blog Here), I've learned a lot (probably forgotten a lot too) and I'd like to casually share what I've learned with you here.

One of my big hang-ups has always been how I represent myself across a wide and diverse field of interests, work, play, and daily life. Well, I've come to terms with the dynamic fractal of the Universe that I am. So there. Anybody calling me a Renaissance fellow will not be blacklisted.

Being able to sit down and share your thoughts is a nice gig and I continue to getting better pay and terms, platforms, and opportunities to share my ideas with larger audiences and... I love it. I know I'm not an awesome writer but I do know life is awesome so I write about that.

It occured to me recently with all the junk going on in the world that it is imperative to focus attention where I'd like energy to flow. For a minute it seemed the only thing to do was run out in the streets and hollar from the rooftops that, "Something needs to change!" Well, not that general a message but more like, "People, you've got to take 100% responsibility for everything you experience in life!"

That sounds crazy but not as crazy as believing every hare-brained conspiracy plot pumped across the tube (nothing against hares or their brains).

Attention is really the most powerful currency you possess. How many people stop to think that with just an iota of attention you can shift the entire physiology and behavior of your body or a body of attentive individuals. That's right. Paying a little attention is a major investment in possible outcomes. Guess what? If nobody ever paid attention to the way birds fly and imagined humans could achieve flight too, then we'd still be rowing across the Atlantic. If nobody ever paid attention to the similarities between different ethnicities, and the capacity for all humans to enjoy happiness, and the possibility of global cooperation then we would have never heard the "I Have A Dream" speech. If nobody ever paid attention to that little signal that says, "Ooop, time to poop.", then we'd be a bunch of grown-ups with very dirty bottoms and no place to get away from dookie smells.

Good, you're still paying attention. But, why?

Simple. We tend to things to take care of our needs. Our mind assesses so our body addresses the issues at hand. It's a helluva communication system. Tiny nodes of genetic intelligence notice when the sugar in your blood is low. They in turn send unconscious signals to different parts of your brain associated with emotion, perception, memory, and attention. It's much easier to spot a nutrient providing morsel when you're hungry than when you're heavily engaged in your favorite video game or tomorrow's presentation. But, in those cases, your attention is more determined to address the next stage boss or that super duper presentation (by-the-way, if you're prepping for a kick-ass presentation do yourself a great justice and connect with Nick Morgan's material for presentation awesomeness and also Kevin Hogan's material for irresistible influence. These guys are the pros who know how Attention can be used for best effect).

Yeah. Attention. The fact is attention is a mental circuit that focuses your resources more-or-less exclusively, while excluding stuff that is not relative. That's why hokey charities on TV will grab your attention with sad kid faces or scared puppies in a shelter... thank you Sara McLachlan!

Today, I'm not playing any tricks with your attention. I'm just making convo and I'm glad you decided to check out this post. I'm just getting back into the groove of my blogger bloggy blog and hey... here we are.

If you never here from me again I hope to leave you with this idea.... You are far more powerful than you have ever, EVER been led to believe. Follow your bliss. Know yourself. Be true to yourself. Let love rule and ALWAYS take the path that has heart.

I'll be seeing you around. + goodness in, goodness out +


chapter 18- appendix- mary everest boole

yeah, everest like the mountain.. that's mary's uncle. boole like the mathemetician, that was her hubby. mary, well she's just a flower who wrote some unique texts regarding math and imagination. this is dope occult text most modern occultists are probably unaware of. learnoutloud.com has a chapter available which i derive great pleasure and insight from it's listening.

without further ado i present you chapter 18 of mary everest boole's "philosophy and fun of algebra.

Chapter 18
The essential element of Algebra:—the habitual registration of the exact limits
of one’s knowledge, the incessant calling into consciousness of the fact of one’s
own ignorance, is the element which Boole’s would-be interpreters have left out
of his method. It is also the element which modern Theosophy omits in its
interpretation of ancient Oriental Mind Science.
Men who wish to exploit other men fear nothing in logic or science except
this element. They fear nothing in earth, heaven, or hell, so much as a public
accustomed to realise exactly how much has been proved, and where its own ignorance
begins. Exploiters fear this about equally, whether they call themselves
priests, schoolmasters, college dons, political leaders, or organisers of syndicates
and trusts.

As long as general readers can be kept from the habit of registering at every
step the fact of their own ignorance and the limits of their own knowledge, a
clever charlatan can deceive them about anything he pleases:—“from pitch-andtoss
to manslaughter”; from Zero to Infinity; from the contents of a meat tin
to the contents of an engineer’s report; from the interpretation of a bill before
Parliament to the interpretation of Isaiah.

Once get any fair proportion of the public into the steady habit of algebraising
ignorance, and you will have done much towards reducing all kinds of
parasitic creatures to the alternative of starvation, suicide, or earning their own
living by rendering some kind of real service to the organism which supports


Towards Virtue: Magic to transform

At once, during the acquisition of Virtue, it becomes necessary to slay dragons & demote monsters from their terrific reign.
Towards Virtue inferior things, being asunder, are deduced. Through reconciliation the inferior things, by a means of induction, are resolved unto virtuous aeffect.
The superior binds that which is inferior & converts it unto itself.


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