Body of Your Dreams - Dream Body Booster Pack and Things You Didn't Know ADHD Edition

If you’re anything like me you probably find yourself asking, “How do I enhance my cortical output signal?”

I didn’t know if the answer would ever become clear until I read a scientific study on mental muscle training (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0028393203003257). And it turns out, training muscle groups with visualized contractions for 12 weeks, 5 days a week, 15 minutes at a time has shown between 13% and 53% increases in measured strength.

We’ve long known that using the mind in certain ways shapes neural pathways in the brain. Well-established pathways can be linked to habits. Some habits will kill you and some positively enrich life. The types of habit formed around the spark of someone’s soul reveals the tendency for automatia of demonstrable genius. Yet, seeing the reach of simple mental application into the physical realm is hard for some people to grasp. 

All you really need to understand is that the increase in muscle strength is also accompanied by increases in cortical potentials. Higher cortical potentials, i.e. bigger signals from the brain, drive higher activation levels to the muscles and increase strength.

Therefore, the most rapid way to increase muscle strength without physical training is to increase cortical potentials by forcing the cortical output signal up. In other words…

Get the body of your dreams in your dreams. 

Email any questions  if you need me to design you a bespoke mental training program.

Dream Body Booster Pack  – Cortical Charger Mind Systems.
$2,970 – 12 week audio/video/coaching package : Choose one
A) High-Performance Mind Trainer
B) High-Metabolism Mind Trainer
C) High-Strength Mind Trainer

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You might not know I work with ADHD & social challenges common among many people with Asperger’s, extra intelligence, and giftedness predispositions.

Some people are really surprised to learn I used to be a street gang member during some of my juvenile years. I’ve been initiated into more organizations & societies than I can count on both hands… I even appear in a Discovery Channel documentary about Secret Societies. It’s been educational, to say the least.

I am more comfortable talking with intent to 60 people or 100 people than I am to just 1 or 2 in casual conversation. I’ve always dreamt of being a rock star on stage creating unreal exchanges of emo-intellectual, mind/body orgasms.

When we were kids, I convinced my sister I was god and could change form at will. Indeed, the trickster archetype has been alive and well in me since the age of 8.

It took me more than half of my life to understand why people always regarded me as so smart. In some odd twist of perspective, I often felt stupid for missing their evidence.

My ex-girlfriend often felt insulted by my need to be reminded of simple things.. especially concerning the calendar. I’d often apologize for being so insensitive and promise to remember better. I am memory challenged with mundane details. I usually grasp dynamic aspects of things like everyone else. What I find dynamic and memorable seems vastly different than most.

My kids deserve a father with much better faculties for custodial care and parental affection. Truth is, I’m an upper average empathic and spend a lot of time thinking about peoples experience more than they do (sometimes), but my skill of empathy pales in light of my impulse for abstraction and idea authoring. I’ve resorted to many vile labels and diagnoses to match the guilt I've felt recognizing my inability to be the strong cushion they desire. I am proud I gave them pattern prominence during their most recent critical development stages, but feel disappointing in large part. Fortunate for them, they are fine people with resilient spirits and favor in their eyes. Of everyone I know on Earth, these 3 I am most honored to know. If you know them, you’ll understand why.

I’ve long viewed a vaporous fear phantom from my young adulthood whereby a suggestion made me see that I would risk my kingdom for the estate of a girl.. pyramids versus preciousness… the many darlings of duty at edge for my interest and self-service in the seductive one. Some cases the feminine seemed set against my higher intentions. In other cases I seemed to rather relief in romance than wrestle with raising multitudes. The charge of caring for others is a difficult task for me. I am naturally predisposed to care for those who need it. The weak, the old, the sick, the children, the uneducated, the despairing… I feel strength is to strengthen what is weak. But also, I am rebellious in nearly every fact and act of myself. I am restless against what is settled and over-definitive… so… I could be the gracious evolution of many catastrophes. For I am ever learning that the destruction of one thing is doubtlessly the beginning of newness. So then is the parchance of mistake or folly the same sweeping sword of correctness making and wisdom? Leap and see.

TMI.. I did not begin masturbating until early twenties and I believe this late-developing habit enabled a more prodigious youth transmuting incredible stores of sexual energy into genius output such as music, poetry, charismatic influence, and spiritual conquests. Now this in no way has me corroborating a story of wickedness in masturbation.. but just that sexual energy and emotional energy in general is the human individuals greatest charge of dimension shifting dynamism. Emotional discharge is the highest energy form humans can become adept at manipulating and mastering on this planet. Tesla hints at it when he says.. to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. The human heart aided by the advanced human brain is the most powerful weapon of influence and shield of power in our solar system. Many highly organized individuals don’t want you to ever know, let alone master, the knowledge and operation of high emotional energy. It literally runs the world as we know it. Tangent for your intelligent consideration: Why is sexual detail and sexuality in general handled with such double-standard taboo... I mean... no better got here without it. It's a fine place to start in education, culture, society, and the like.

As a youth, I suspected I was different, special, had some grand destiny to grow into. As a teen and young adult, I feared I’d never know when I would become an adult.. a man according to the standards of society that fatherhood initiated me into. As a middle-aged man… I burn off all the junk I’ve accumulated along the way. No longer posing for the shallow directors and single-smile economies… I strike a pose as I am the road.. I am the journey.. I am the path.

In 2014, I was coming out of the tail-end of an emotional breakdown. Lucky for me it evolved from a nervous breakdown, to emotional hell, to 360 degree confusion… to finding myself literally alone in the desert under the moon surrounded by 13 or so coyotes howling at me while I faced the fire I built with my own two hands. I howled back at them. I sung with the Old Indian who took the form of a fiery bird. I puked out the verdicts of life’s judgments on me. I cried out the battle cry that solidifies the bold-going warrior. I danced in the dust of the sun’s little brother and lost an earthly treasure that bound me by time, name, and grace. I killed a legion of demon named fear and buried the seeds between columns of stone. I crossed 2,800 miles and crashed into tomorrow with enough fuel for a mission to Mercury.

I gave-up too soon once. I didn’t realize it until the bridge had already sent up energious waves of good-bye flames and plumes of “nothing here for you now” smoke signals. I was on the arrow and the will to ascend was aligning right. My ego got loud and tempestuous like a bad child who has single sight for select serotonin relegates. I had fortune lapping up the river, refreshing with me… and then I figured I’m better than the toil.. than the sacrifice… I figured my will was not to be mistreated by some ninny. So I bolted on the poorly executed contract of comprehending parties. And with my exit from domestic stupidity.. I distanced the nerural-modificators that were rewarding my genius growth network. I copped out. My blood-pressure signaled to me… terms I felt not worthy of my involvement. I was really on a roll. Progress and advancement should not be taken lightly. Leaving the 9-5 executive position, also congealed with high blood pressure, but was also accompanied by deepening depression among other near-suicide decorum. Leaving L.A. was premature. I could have survived a heart-attack. But, hated being so disturbed and removed from my place of poise. Never let people get under your skin.

I’ve begun a thousand thousand proud projects and perhaps a thousand prideless projects but so few see completion and celebrations. Better to do much having done little than having done much by doing little. Is that so? Just do it. More. Victory. Conquer.

In 2011, I quit my high paying, executive position for a life more extraordinary. I remember giving my two-week notice. The manager said she was afraid for me. It felt like that was the last cold rub of the shackles that sought to keep my mind small and contracted.

In some ways, staying in the chain-gang makes life easier. But, only when the idea of life is lowered to the slave gangs meager way of being. But, freedom… freedom is hard, and sometimes feels dumb… and other times reaks of insane genius. One thing is for sure. It’s a little easier to breathe. Maybe I just lowered my standard of what a non-9-5 life looks like.

Just cause I’m not 9-5 doesn’t mean I aint workin’. Shit. I’ve always been working since I started working. I first began real work when I was a youngling. Inquiring into the crankings of the world.. demanding satisfactory answers for the clockworks around here. Most people were satisfied with turn of phrase type intelligence while I couldn’t settle for pedantic glances.

So I applied imagination. Not just fantasy for lust and reverie.. but for lust of connection, understanding and knowing. That was and continues to be my first occupation. How many years I wasted and retarded my exemplary growth I cannot count nor would I waste time with such a fruitless qualitative endeavor. Instead I should ask… where will I allow this great work to take me today.. tomorrow.. yesterday..? 

Circling and around it goes. The spiral spins and the straight line grows.

So I told that slave making factory adios. It’s true.. a genius in the engineering field heads the product design but, like many of us awkward folk who are as big as our vision.. we tend to eclipse the living, bleeding reality of other actors in the play. It is hardly with intention towards the person offended.. but rather it is an affliction of the passion that fuels the irascible wrecks. Some of us are more fragile in the arms of the consensus than others but none-the-less… we don’t all that well relate to others as well as to our fancies.

And so this is partially why I gave up that path. The 9-5. So keeping of one’s orders. So reductive of  one’s faculties. Making a man’s sleep a steep recess from the horrid jump skipping that the next day inevitably brings.

But.. high-performance is my blood. I bleed outstanding achievements. Whatever strange angel captains my heart with peculiar rhythm drumming thrills as off-beat as my humor and sense of ha-ha.

But, I dance and will dance ever the faster and with more abandon as the clock ticks life away. Surely… all my success that would have met me early were I a strangely (less) disciplined lad of the world.. is instead raining upon me, now with increasing favor until the day that I die and then it shall be a tidal wave. I will not care so much then as I do now for the good way and blessing that takes me up to every rounding corner of progress, joy, strength and evolution … which is my present gift.

Taking the bold way is the fine way to buy the stairway to heaven. So bold and ever bolder. Who are you to stop you like a god who’d make a boulder so heavy that he himself could not move it.. for that seems the very inspiration of the joke to begin with.. god making stuff. Stuff making god able and unable… conditions… Time fucking space. Space birthing time. Parthenogenesis. Or however the virgin births herself. AHA! my star is near.. my star is upon me.. more wines.. more catalyst.. more fire from heaven up my spine and divine rain dancing of immaculate pleasures treasures divine and dove, crow and dove, leapt and ride chase above, for follow and lead and lead and gold, and loose and hold heavens treasure unfold,  on earth we’re told to be, love and grow old, but to have will and give love is the law of the sun… so burn once, burn thrice just rise to the son to the truth that is won by the one of the one.

I’m glad I can spend my time being creative and challenged, excited and underwhelmed… on my own time and not shuffled into the mix of a non-creative stumping ground for profit and fakery. Boom. Blossom. Assume. Consume. Gimme room. Broom. Mickey Mouse. Ala Kazam.. Alla kazoo, I still love the lakers, the seasers, and the rivers, and the roots.

Happy to edutain or too, invoke wonder I wonder if you
Engage with my brain, or undo all that’s undue for clues to come through/


Self Confidence ... Is it for you?

Self Confidence is a demonstration of self trust.

In today’s world, ideas like power and self-confidence are often viewed as the beginnings of villainy and ego-engorging corruption but, without a measure of power, without a diligent degree of self-confidence all of life becomes an obstacle. To utterly lack self-confidence makes life like a prison where people merely hope and await permission to dare something spontaneous or unique. This fear of exercising power and the covert demonisation of self-confidence does much to keep people in a sheep-like state, hooked in with the crowd, feeling safe in an obscure gelatin of irresponsibility.

So we know being completely without self-confidence is a terminal blow to the mental and psychic life. The sooner anybody realizes that their power in life is generated from within, the sooner that person can tap into their inner genius, act from a place of abundance and move confidently embracing endless opportunities that are in accord with their personal vision of life.

But what about people who are at the extreme of having power and self-confidence? Most of us have seen power hungry figures who appear so self-confident that the smirk on their face could make someone sick but, often the people “acting” the most powerful and appearing the most confident are actually very scared posers who aren’t sure of themselves at all.

photo credit: yewwei.tan via photopin cc
True power doesn’t announce itself. Genuine self-confidence doesn’t need to make other people seem insignificant and real self-confidence doesn’t need to superficially puff itself up. So what is real self-confidence?

True and genuine self-confidence comes from a place of “knowing”. This kind of knowing isn’t like you know today’s date or what will be for dinner. The kind of knowing connected with true self-confidence is deeper than knowledge that can be gathered like facts.

Consider Abe Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Amelia Earhardt, Maya Angelou, and Stephen Hawkings. Despite these person’s personal lives history shows us that they defied odds, decided that what was in their heart was more real than what they sensed in the world around them...and they decided to bring it into the world.. to give it life. 

You see as human beings, we are creators endowed with the magnificent power to bring new terms and possibilities into reality. That can be really scary for some people. But just like anything that is potentially dangerous, research shows that being acquainted with and maintaining respect for a potentially hazardous actuality is the best way to not abuse or misuse its powers (sugar, guns, sex, drugs, rock n roll, etc)

Without sufficient confidence in one's self, that which appears impossible would always remain so. Joan of Arc, Napoleon, even the President of the United States, Barack Obama exhibited a powerful self-confidence that opened doors where an unconfident person would never stand a chance. (Don’t get all in a tissy if all of your politrickin’ alarms are going off. This isn’t a political debate. It’s about how confidence influences situations and re-forms contexts).
photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc
You can do, what you think you can do. With unbounded confidence, your power to transform the world is ready and effective. When you recognize the desire of your heart, the motion of your destiny, you proceed with gigantic assurance. Overflowing with tremendous self-confidence is like a key to reality. Going forward in any condition with strength and courage wins half the battle.

I know some of the keen controversialists out there are screaming, “What about competence?” That's a good question. And my response is that competence comes through braving the trials while building personal resolve and satching up Self-Reliance.

Check out what Larae Quy has to say about developing confidence:

"Developing confidence in our abilities only comes when we open ourselves up enough to experience the humiliation of defeat and the determination of getting back up. If you cower and shrink into the shadows, you will never be mentally tough." -laraequy.com

Helluva quote.

Why not check out her full post titled 4 SECRETS TO MENTAL TOUGHNESS because, with a little mental toughness, authentic confidence can confront anything.


FREE Value for Entrepreneurs with Heart

The late, great Joseph Campbell described an important point in the Hero’s Journey. 

After plunging to the depths (or scaling up the heights as different stories would have it), defeating chaotic monsters and saving the prize that was lost, the Heroine returns to the world of their peers. 

But, not before some critical moment where all appears lost. The Heroine at their darkest hour is on the verge of collapse, but fate is forever altered by the aid of an old mentor. We've seen the story hundreds of times but, that narrative is much larger than stiff logic. As we watch or read these heroic instances, we're transformed a little on the inside

That isn't exactly what this post is about but, I hope you can begin to see the value in it for heart powered entrepreneurs. 

Today is all about not being a stingy poop with your magic powers. It's important for your business to be supercharging your marketplace with remarkable love-marks that only you can provide. 

But, before we continue this journey... a few qualifiers to not waste anyone's time.

  • If you’re only in your business to make money at any expense, don’t read this. 
  • If you're in business, but money makes you squeamish, don’t read this.
  • If you were born with a huge heart, dedicated your whole life to honing skills, feel the need to help people, and you have a business that is NOT making money as if it’s Nobody’s business.... you reeeeally need to read this.

Okay.... now that we're in good company... consider the VALUE of providing free stuff to your customers. Too meta? Let's break it down.

People love getting free stuff that:

  • A) makes them feel better,
  • B) makes them look better (to themselves & their peers)
  • C) might save them from a lot of pain or trouble down the road.

Giving away brand-related value is the superior way to grow your brand without paying premium fees for advertising.

The value provided in your “free sample” tells exactly what customers can expect in the future. Can you sense the benefits of establishing an expectation in the future with your members, students, customers, and public?

Now, we’re not talking Pavlov’s salivating dogs here. You don’t want to encourage customers to crack-out on freebies. True customers shall not live on freebies alone, thus saith INSIDETHEGOD. You’re not giving away the business. You’re giving away the over-flowing “glory factor” that ought to be the core of your brand.  It's worth repeating.... 

 You’re giving away the over-flowing “glory factor” that ought to be the core of your brand.  

Whether found through the taste of a chocolate bar, the elegant visual on a sample shampoo label, the timely humor in a Facebook post, or the flow of an introductory coaching call... the value conveyed is not the actual chocalate, shampoo, FB post, or coaching call. 

The value is an invisible "third" that brings your brand and customer into a metaphysical alliance. With enough metaphysical gravity (which is "Love" as described by genius R. Buckminster Fuller) physical reality is affected indefinitely.

If you think you can’t afford to freely inspire the glory of your customers,  I might forward one of two considerations...

  • 1) either you’re branding sucks like Keanu Reeves co-starring with Gary Oldman or
  • 2) you haven’t identified the value of your brand, yet.

The communications of your brand value ( the glory story, brand DNA, heart of the matter, etc, etc, ) needs to be decided, generated, and distributed in a way that helps your client where they presently are. AND also suggests which stepping stones are next to get them where they want to be. 

If you don't know where they want to be, it's time to start listening to your market.

If your brand isn’t regarded as helpful, it’s not relevant. But being Helpful is just step one. Luckily for heart-based entrepreneurs, it is one giant leap for brandkind. Being a recognized source of help dramatically increases your visibility as a thought-leader and expert provider. 

So before you dish more dough on sleek looking logos, or fashioning the smoothest slogans, market research says you'd be better served to have a well developed brand strategy... not just the accoutrements. You gotta go deep into the heart of the matter.

Profitable branding is as much about metaphysics as it is about marketing.


Not heavy hippie stuff per se, but a little love with some buds goes a very looong way. 

So you wanna give your people some love?

Ask yourself, what is the #1 benefit people gain by working with you? 

Wait, wait, not so fast. Often when I ask entrepreneurs this question, they put a hand to their chin, look up to the left, and go with the first idea that makes them feel good about what they do. 

This exercise of knowing what is best for your client can't be done reliably in plane thinking though. Not even the high-level admen of the world's largest ad agencies can get away with that superficial type of problem-solving. 

Truth is, BRANDING IS A HOLISTIC EXERCISE from conception to distribution, from public communications to in-house memos. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it right.

So go deep. Imagine your "best" client has just finished your XYZ service/ product. As a result of them choosing you, what goal have they reached. In other words, what's their glory story? Because their glory story is your brand glory story. Without that point of purpose and meaning, you'd just be another company yammering on about what you do, instead of what folks get.

If you begin with the notion of their remarkable experience, you can create a branding matrix that provides a safe path for you and your customers to find the best way home... home, simply being where their heart is.

As reality would have it, we're all hero's and heroines on our own paths of purpose and adventure, but for the stewards of wisdom and the advanced in ability.... it is likely that you will be looked upon as a mentor in your customer's time of need. 

You see, if you're still reading this.. you're not here just for the money, but you sure as heck aint scared of it. I imagine the only thing you might be afraid of is not reaching enough people with your heart centered services. 

Fret not mentor-in-the-making. You've got genuine LOVE and that is the only way to start the heart. Your fans are waiting. 

Want to know more about the time-proven branding method that:

  • properly frames your product/ services
  • prioritizes marketing ideas 
  • powerfully positions you in the market
  • connects with customers
In October I am giving away 100 tuition enrollments FREE to my online course ($399 value). Holistic Branding for Entrepreneurs with Heart is unlike anything you've done before (believe me, I've done the research and got the feedback... this is light-years ahead of any other brand strategy system).

More profitable by course end,
you'll have a map in your hand,
leading to that treasured place,
their glory story with your brand. 

Everything is covered from the mental territory, the metaphysical quality, and the physical authority of your brand being more profitable and better connected to a sustainable market that loves what you do best.


Blood Red Stained Sweatshirt - Awareness Piece?

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=http://img.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/2014/09/kentstate-1024x670.jpg&w=480 Google News displays headlines of an Urban Outfitters clothing article being sold in poor taste. More surprising to me is the fact that I've never heard of the May 4 Massacre, where for 13 seconds during a student protest at Kent State, Ohio National Guardsmen fired 67 bullets at unarmed students. 13 students were shot leaving 9 wounded, 1 paralyzed and 4 of the 13 dead.
According to Wikipedia, 4 million students around the US went on strike following the National Guard shooting.


This post is partly experimental regarding search, news, and blogs. Thank you.


Attention, attention... this post is about paying attention and what's new from insidethegod

OMG, Internet, how are you my old friend?

Okay.... I've been out of the loop (though still riding the spiral) for quite a minute here and since my last post here on my very first blog, as gifted to me by the world famous Google (you can start your own blog too and maybe even earn some passive income while the world reads... Start Your Blog Here), I've learned a lot (probably forgotten a lot too) and I'd like to casually share what I've learned with you here.

One of my big hang-ups has always been how I represent myself across a wide and diverse field of interests, work, play, and daily life. Well, I've come to terms with the dynamic fractal of the Universe that I am. So there. Anybody calling me a Renaissance fellow will not be blacklisted.

Being able to sit down and share your thoughts is a nice gig and I continue to getting better pay and terms, platforms, and opportunities to share my ideas with larger audiences and... I love it. I know I'm not an awesome writer but I do know life is awesome so I write about that.

It occured to me recently with all the junk going on in the world that it is imperative to focus attention where I'd like energy to flow. For a minute it seemed the only thing to do was run out in the streets and hollar from the rooftops that, "Something needs to change!" Well, not that general a message but more like, "People, you've got to take 100% responsibility for everything you experience in life!"

That sounds crazy but not as crazy as believing every hare-brained conspiracy plot pumped across the tube (nothing against hares or their brains).

Attention is really the most powerful currency you possess. How many people stop to think that with just an iota of attention you can shift the entire physiology and behavior of your body or a body of attentive individuals. That's right. Paying a little attention is a major investment in possible outcomes. Guess what? If nobody ever paid attention to the way birds fly and imagined humans could achieve flight too, then we'd still be rowing across the Atlantic. If nobody ever paid attention to the similarities between different ethnicities, and the capacity for all humans to enjoy happiness, and the possibility of global cooperation then we would have never heard the "I Have A Dream" speech. If nobody ever paid attention to that little signal that says, "Ooop, time to poop.", then we'd be a bunch of grown-ups with very dirty bottoms and no place to get away from dookie smells.

Good, you're still paying attention. But, why?

Simple. We tend to things to take care of our needs. Our mind assesses so our body addresses the issues at hand. It's a helluva communication system. Tiny nodes of genetic intelligence notice when the sugar in your blood is low. They in turn send unconscious signals to different parts of your brain associated with emotion, perception, memory, and attention. It's much easier to spot a nutrient providing morsel when you're hungry than when you're heavily engaged in your favorite video game or tomorrow's presentation. But, in those cases, your attention is more determined to address the next stage boss or that super duper presentation (by-the-way, if you're prepping for a kick-ass presentation do yourself a great justice and connect with Nick Morgan's material for presentation awesomeness and also Kevin Hogan's material for irresistible influence. These guys are the pros who know how Attention can be used for best effect).

Yeah. Attention. The fact is attention is a mental circuit that focuses your resources more-or-less exclusively, while excluding stuff that is not relative. That's why hokey charities on TV will grab your attention with sad kid faces or scared puppies in a shelter... thank you Sara McLachlan!

Today, I'm not playing any tricks with your attention. I'm just making convo and I'm glad you decided to check out this post. I'm just getting back into the groove of my blogger bloggy blog and hey... here we are.

If you never here from me again I hope to leave you with this idea.... You are far more powerful than you have ever, EVER been led to believe. Follow your bliss. Know yourself. Be true to yourself. Let love rule and ALWAYS take the path that has heart.

I'll be seeing you around. + goodness in, goodness out +